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306 Topper Tracker

Length: 10ft/ 3.06m | Depth: 23.6in/ 0.6m | Beam/Width: 59in/ 1.5m | Weight: 141.1lbs/ 64kg

Starting at *$3,500

346 Topper Tracker

Length: 11ft4in/ 3.46m | Depth: 29.5in/ 0.75m | Beam: 61in/ 1.55m |  Weight: 141.1lbs/ 70kg

Starting at *$3,700

376 Topper Tracker

Length: 12ft4in/ 3.76m | Depth: 29.5in/ 0.75m | Beam: 59in/ 1.5m | Weight: 176.4lbs/ 80kg

Starting at *$4,200

The reason we are the number one Car Topper on the market is twofold. One, we build the toughest tinny on the market, and two, we build the driest, safest, best handling vessel in the sub 177lbs (80kg) weight division. Welded in seats supported by side ribs, making the seats a structural part of the boat, its stop hull twist, it also means no rivets to leak. All fore decks and rear corners are fully welded it’s clearly stronger than our stich welded competitors. Ride and handling – it’s more than ‘just’ an opinion. The key to a better riding, handling and tracking hull requires more than just a basic hull shape. If you want better, you’ll need something a little more tangible than an opinion. 

The Second generation “G2” Edge Bottom as designed by Tim Stessl is clearly visible on the bottom of every hull, it’s a tri hull arrangement and under way it traps a cushion of foamy water beneath the hull that acts like a shock absorber. The “G2” Edge system also increases the surface area of the bottom of the vessel, therefore safety is increased, and as an added benefit, the boat floats in less water.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned
Makocraft has a proud tradition of building a range of quality aluminum boats with cutting edge design, strength and value since 2005. In 2021, Makocraft launched a range of fibreglass boats, diversifying their offering on the Australian market. 

Owned and operated by Tim Stessl, a name synonymous with boating for over 45 years, Makocraft boats are manufactured on the Gold Coast and distributed to a network Australia wide.
Value for Money
Makocraft are built for boaties, fisherman and families, never compromising on materials or build and we pride ourselves in delivering value for money boats. Makocraft are designed with safety of your family and friends of paramount importance. 

Our boats have evolved from over forty five years of listening to people’s feedback on our designs, layouts and fixtures and then processing this feedback into new designs. 

We believe that our boats are the best value that money can buy, giving you more boat for your dollar. With this dedication and commitment to bringing that best range of aluminium and fibrelgass boats available.

Standard Features
Standard Features 
  • Anchor shelf with tie off point 
  • Back board 
  • Flush mount bow handles x 2 
  • Cross thwart flotation 
  • Double bow eye 
  • External keel 
  • Flat foredeck fully welded 
  • Screw in bung x 3 – 25mm 
  • Solid transom corners fully welded 
  • Transom strut 
  • Two transom handles 
  • Fully Welded cross thwarts front and rear 
  • “G2” Edge Bottom Hull 
  • Transducer bracket

Optional Features 
  • Paint (306, 346, 376) 
  • Drop-in floor (306, 346, 376)
  • Electric bow mount plate (306, 346, 376) 
  • Casting deck (306, 346, 376) 
  • Rod holders (306, 346, 376) 
  • Side pockets (306, 346, 376) 
  • Low full length rails (346, 376)
  • Transom step (346, 376)
  • Rowlocks blocks x 2

*Price is based on standard hull only with No engine. Boats may be photographed with optional extras or accessories which are not included in the standard hull price shown. Price excludes any freight, delivery or on water costs. Price is in USD and excludes freight from Australia, tariffs, fees, taxes and registration. All information displayed including price is correct as at time of publishing but may change without notice.
Topper Tracker Tinny's Comparison
Beam4ft11in/ 1.5m5ft1in/ 1.55m5ft1in/ 1.55m
Depth23.6in/ 0.60m29.5in/ 0.75m 29.5in/ 0.75m
Length10ft/ 3.06m11ft4in/ 3.46m 12ft4in/ 3.76m
Weight - Boat Only141.1lbs/ 64kg154.3lbs/ 70kg 176.4lbs/ 80kg
Bottom¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm ¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm
Sides ¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm¹/₁₆in/ 1.6mm
Capacity - people 333
Max HP10hp15hp20hp
306 $3,500* | 346 $3,700* | 376 $4,200 | Custom Available

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About Us
Since the inception of Makocraft in 2005, the brand has become highly regarded in the boating industry and is renowned for its innovation created through over forty years of experience and customer input. ​

Owned and operated by Tim Stessl, a name synonymous with boating, Tim and the Stessl family having been producing boats since 1975 across several leading brands. ​Born and raised on the Gold Coast, and owning his first tinny aged five, Tim is a passionate boat builder and seasoned boatie. After decades learning under the guidance of his father Alf, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable source when it comes to boats. ​

All Makocraft boats are designed and manufactured in Australia and are built for boaties, fisherman and families. Never compromising on materials or build, Makocraft pride themselves in delivering value for money boats, designed with safety, strength and longevity. ​

Along with his wife Sally, Tim operates Makocraft out of the Gold Coast and is continuing on the proud family legacy and tradition of building quality aluminium and fibrelgass boats with cutting edge design value for money. Tim’s dream and vision is to continue building quality boats and one day pass the reigns to his son, Max, a third generation Stessl.

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