SupaPeg Outbound Awning

Whether you require a standard or heavy duty awning, Supa Peg has your answer. We will supply you with a high-quality product made in Australia.


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Outbound Supa Wing Awning


Outbound Stand Easy ERV Awning


Outbound Rapid Wing 6 Awning


Outbound Rapid Wing 4 Awning


Outbound Shield 3 Freestanding Awning


Outbound 180° Wing Awning


Outbound Shield 6 Freestanding Awning

Awning Features
The latest Supa Peg Awnings have all the features that you need to make your camping trip easy and comfortable. All poles are now integrated into the awning ensuring that you don’t lose them. This also makes for a quick setup and set down. We were the first to include the peggable foot into our awnings allowing you to set up on hard ground without the need for guy ropes. 

Our awnings are all designed to create fall so in those heavy down pours and windy conditions you don’t need to pack up and make a run for it. This is due to our clever horizontal hinging system. Low profile and with the ability to flex allowing for the awning to pitch down. All our awnings have the ability to add walls via zips or Velcro depending on the model of awning.

Awning Canvas
Supa Peg awnings are made with quality Australian Made canvas from Wax Converters Textiles Australia in Rutherford NSW. This canvas has been designed and tested to withstand our Australian climate and that is why it is used extensively in our awning products. It is a dyna-proofed 8oz canvas with a woven tear stop pattern to keep in light and strong. Ideal for awnings manufactured in Australia. 

The canvas is mould and mildew resistant and will not require any additional proofing for 2 years from new. It has a 37% cotton content which means air can pass through it while still being water proof allowing for the material to be cooler and quick drying unlike 100% polyester awnings. We use a neutral grey colour that will suit any colour vehicle.
Awning Bag
All our Australian made awnings use a black tonneau bag with a quality zipper to secure the awning while travelling. This type of material will out last standard vinyl bags that will breakdown in the sun over a short period of time.
Awning Aluminium
All aluminium used in the frame work of our awnings is hard structural anodised, meaning that it will not leave black marks when rubbing on canvas and it will not stain when it gets wet and dries out.
About Us
Supa Peg is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and wholesalers of camping goods and accessories. Our products are designed in Australia for Australian conditions. The majority of our products are manufactured at our factory in Yatala QLD. 

We have developed a reputation of innovation, design and quality that others try to copy. We manufacture a wide range of camping accessories such as awnings, poles, pegs, ropes and other handy camping equipment for, 4WDs, caravaning, camper trailers, camper vans, RV, trailers and other outdoor recreation vehicles.

If you are a regular camper, on the road all the time or just want a quality awning that will last the distance, this is the ideal awning for you. Backed by an Australian warranty and local Australian support, these awnings are guaranteed to give you the best experience.