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Explore outside the box
nature & widelife

We've travelled the world and seen many countries to appreciate cultures and search for the unexplored paths.

This is what we Love, enjoy it with the Gear that you can count on.

Designed for you. Live your 
life free style

Overlanding isn't about restricting what you love. Australian's design products that allow you to take your toys to enjoy those untouchable places.

Australian Designed, Build and Owned products, That's the difference!

Why do people love overlandAUS.com?

Australian's are considered the experts when it comes to overlanding and it's only natural to design what we love. OverlandAUS.com is the exclusive distributor for our brands and we sell direct to customers in North American. We will only sell Australian Made products that are manufactured to very high standards and quality.

Quality Product Supplies 
For Over 35 Years

We only support Australian Made products that are manufactured Down Under by brands that we stand by.
  • Highest quality products

  • Designed with experience

  • Tested in Australia's toughest environments

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